author = SALMI, Nabila;
title = “Towards Efficient Component Performance Analysis in Component Based Architectures”;
abstract = The desire to bring better quality and higher efficiency in software design has led to the development of Component Based Systems. This kind of development has several benefits, however, at the performance level, no guarantees ensure software correctness and good performance properties. To help application designers to meet desired performance of their applications, this paper proposes a modular analysis process that allows to assess independently and efficiently component performances and its impact on a component based architecture. This process is achieved through a modelling phase, based on Stochastic Well-formed Nets (SWN), a high level model of Stochastic Petri nets, and a compositional structured performance evaluation method. It starts from the system definition given in a suitable Architecture Description Language, the targeted component implementation and an ”abstract view” of other components, then provides efficiently system performance indexes. The process is illustrated through an application example.
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