author = SALMI, Nabila;
title = Mixing Educational and UML modelling languages for the design and analysis of E-learning platforms;
abstract = E-learning technologies have greatly improved classic training and learning methods, and have reached a large public including companies’ staff, remote and foreign students. Many works have been proposed in the literature in the field of E-learning research so that to allow actors to work with more efficiency and more effectiveness. These recent works based on the use of learning objects and educational modelling languages. Among these languages, EML language (Educational Modelling Language) has been introduced for modelling learning processes, and on the other hand, the LOM (Learning Object Metadata) and IMS (Instructional Management Systems) specifications have been defined for modelling teaching resources (objects). In this article, we will study LOM and EML languages and use a mixture of these languages for the design an e-learning platform, passing through an UML modelling of learning resources and activities. At the end, an approach for analysing the platform is proposed.
month = Décembre,
year = 2005, }